Management Board


Professor Jaime da Cunha Branco (CV)

executive Council

Prof. Jaime da Cunha Branco


Prof. Fernando Miguel Teixeira Xavier (CV)
(Vice-dean, President of the Cientific Council)

Prof. José Guimarães Consciência 
(Vice-dean, President of the Pedagogical Council)

Prof. António Jacinto


Prof. Ana Isabel Francisco de Moura Santos (CV

Manuel Salvador Rodrigues Alves

Cientific council
Prof. Miguel Xavier (Vice-dean)

Sixteen representatives elected by the faculty
Nine career professors and researchers
Seven other professors and researchers in full-time contract with a duration not less than one year with a PhD degree, whichever the nature of their relationship to the Institution:
• Four members appointed by the research units recognized and positively evaluated, according with law;
• The Clinical Director from the Faculty’s nuclear University Hospital;
• A Clinical Director among the Clinical Directors from health institutions filed with the Faculty.

pedagogical council
Prof. José Guimarães Consciência (Vice-dean)
Six representatives of the faculty (one for each year of the MIM)
• One professor representative of the Doctoral programmes Coordinators
• One professor representative of the Master programmes Coordinators
• One professor representative of the Department of Medical Education
Six student representatives (one for each year of the MIM)
• A student of 2nd cycle studies
• Two students of the 3rd cycle studies
• The President of Student Union