The books available on the shelves of the Library's 2nd Floor reading study room are classified by areas according to the NLM (National Library of Medicine) Classification.

To find out if a given free book, journal, thesis exists, see the Library Catalog.

To see the NMS|FCM Library borrowing rules, click here.

If a particular book is not available you can make the reservation of the copy.

If you are an internal user, you can propose the acquisition of documents, see here.

If you are an internal user, you can request the borrowing of existing books in other libraries, under the Interlibrary Loan, through the Find & Supply Documents Service at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you are an external user, you can borrow books from the NMS|FCM Library through the library of the institution to which you belong under the EEB, for the respective sector, see here.

For any information, request the support of the User Support Office (Floor -2) or go to the Information Services Desk (Floor 0).