Doctoral Programmes

Cycle of studies leading to the Doctorate degree

The NOVA Medical School|Faculdade de Ciências Médicas (NMS|FCM) has developed a 3rd cycle of study that aims to educate professionals with competences to autonomously develop scientific research projects in academic and research fields as well as in clinical practice and business environment.

The NMS|FCM of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa offers twoDoctorates: one in Medicine, addressed to physician, and other in Life Sciences available to other health professionals and researchers. Both Doctorate courses are based on the Principles of the Bologna Process, namely the promotion of knowledge improvement through original researches that can contribute to the enlargement of knowledge frontiers and may be worthy to be internationally known.

The cycle of studies that leads to the Doctorate degree consists of:

a) An original thesis specially written for that purpose which is appropriate to the nature of the field of knowledge or specialist subject;

b) The possible undertaking of curricular units aimed at research training known as a doctorate course whenever the respective regulating standards envisage that.

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