Study Rooms: Regulations

Study rooms are available in the 1st level of the NMS|FCM Library (2 Group Study Rooms with a capacity of 4 to 8 people and 6 Individual Study Rooms for 1 to 3 people).
Here you can find some rules and regulations, namely:

  1. Only registered students, teachers and researchers can book these study rooms. It is necessary to have a Library Number Card (and your Citizen Card) to book it.

  2. Study rooms can be booked 8 days in advance.

  3. Study Rooms may be booked:
    1. ONLINE – see here(registration/booking platform). Your booking includes Full Name and to choose the reservation period (only one book period by day – in the morning or in the evening)

    2. Directly at the Library RECEPTION DESK (Level 0) –prioritized.

    3. By EMAIL – to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Confirm your booking by receiving a Library confirmation email. Please keep a copy of these confirmation and make a note of your booking times.

    4. The Study Room key should be picked up ate the Library Reception Desk, do not forget you have a maximum tolerance of 15 minutes delay.

    5. These Study Rooms are exclusively for continuing study, so the requester can not leave the building (or Library area) without hand over the key at the Reception Desk. The penalty to these infraction will be the interdiction to book study rooms and borrowing books, for at least 15 days long.

    6. The Study Room temporary absence limited period can not exceed more than 15 minutes (time excess is subject to penalties, see preceding chapter 5)

    7. Please note that the Study Rooms can not be used for recreation (you must keep noise levels to a minimum), and teaching material couldn’t be left in the rooms.
      Personal belongings should not be left unattended and must be removed upon vacating the room. To know the conduct Library Regulations and Rules, see the Library Regulations at our website.

    8. The NMS|FCM Library’user is responsible for observing the Library Rules and Regulations, otherwise it may be refused access, on temporary basis, to the Study Rooms at least for a month.

    9. You can book a Study Room from Monday to Friday, for only one period a day, on these periods:
      Morning: 09:30-11:25 or 11:30-13:50 or 09:30-13:50
      Evening: 14:00-19:30 or 14:00-16:25 or 16:30-19:30


  • A)The Group Study Room can not be used for more than 8 people.
  • B) These Study Rooms must be occupied at least by 4 people.


  • A)The Individual Study Rooms are used from 1 to 3 people, who wish to collaborate together