Where to Publish

The selection of the journal to which to submit an article is one of the factors that most potentiate the impact of the research, this selection must meet the needs of the researcher according to his line of research and objectives.

Obtaining information about the quality and prestige of a given journal within the scientific community is fundamental.

Currently, authors who seek greater recognition and visibility of their work tend to submit their articles to journals with higher Impact Factor.

When you publish the Copyright Transfer Agreement with a particular publisher, this provision may limit what is available to your research via the Internet. Do not forget to check if the licenses you subscribe with the publishers do not collide, with the eventual availability of the scientific production of NMS-FCM through the Institutional Repository RUN, in an open access regime.

It should be noted that publications resulting from research projects funded by the European Community and the Foundation for Science and Technology comply with guidelines that imply their availability in open access.

Useful resources and links for journal evaluation: