Scientific Journals Deposit Policies


There are several types of publishing models in Open Access and several publishers at national and international level opt for different policies regarding self-archiving on the Web and in Open Access Repositories. The Sherpa / Romeo portal is available in Portuguese (translated in the scope of the Blimunda Project) and presents an easy and quick reading of the deposit policies of the publishers through a color code.

About 70% of the publishers already have their policy registered in SHERPA / ROMEO, the list of publishers that authorize the deposit of their version in PDF can be consulted here.

For a better clarification on the versions of the articles mentioned in this resource, it is recommended to read the concepts - "preprint" and "postprint" here.

If you do not find the policy of a particular publisher and / or magazine when doing a search, you can suggest registering it by completing the following form.



These are worldwide, perpetual and free licenses that allow authors to make their work available on the Internet, defining the conditions under which this work is shared. There are six standard licenses that offer both very restrictive (all rights reserved) and very permissive (public domain) conditions.

 At RUN - Repository of Universidade Nova, all deposited works are covered by the CC-BY-NC License.

According to this license, the author allows a wide use of his work, limited by the impossibility of obtaining a commercial advantage through that use. It should be noted that all licenses require that the author of the work be credited in a manner specified by him.


To know the policies and standards of the various scientific journals consult: