User Training Sessions

User training, is an integral part of any Information Literacy project, aims to provide users with the skills and tools they need to be able to autonomously use the information they access, in an ethical and effective way, whether are electronic resources subscribed by NMS-FCM or open access resources.


The NMS-FCM Library provides in this context:

  • Training sessions for 1st Year Students - thirty-minute sessions and a maximum of 8 participants per session usually takes place in the first two weeks of November, on Floor -1 of the Library. The purpose of these sessions is to present the services and electronic resources available by the Library, through the exploration of its homepage and the search through the PubMed database, among others.

Annually the calendar of the sessions is announced through the News of the homepage and the facebook of the Library and the registrations take place in the Information Service Desk of Floor 0.To evaluate the training sessions for 1st year students, click here

  • Training on request - exclusively for internal users (can be requested by students, faculty researchers, staff) from NMS-FCM intends to promote the optimization of the electronic resources subscribed by NMS and UNL. It occurs in sessions with variable duration and number of participants, focusing especially on contents such as database search (PubMed, Web of Science, Google Scholar) and the use of bibliographic citation managers (EndNotebasic, Mendeley).
  • The NMS-FCM Library is responsible for training in context of teaching through either participation at the request of the faculty in the optional UC of the Integrated Master in Medicine - Medical Informatics, or of the regency of the optional unit of the Doctorate of Medicine - Documentation, Information and Medicine.