Using PubMed

When you want to search for scientific journal articles in the biomedical field, start by looking at the PubMed database which includes: abstracts covering medicine, nursing, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, contains 14 million MEDLINE citations and links for access to journals and books online.

Indexed 4600 journals per year, includes citations since 1953, daily updates are directly from the scientific publishers represented and the number of searches is between 500.00 to 1 million searches per day!

PubMed allows access to articles on free access through PubMedCentral.

Through a PubMed search it is possible to access the full text (PDF) of the articles that integrate the current journals subscribed by NMS|FCM in electronic format and the journals that integrate the b-on platform.


It is available free on the internet at

To learn more about MEDLINE/PubMed, consult here

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