Using Web Of Science

The Web of Knowledge (WoK)

is a multidisciplinary research platform that allows you to search the Web of Science and a set of other databases. It allows access to data for the evaluation of scientific production, such as citation reports and reference search cited, safeguarding research and creating alerts.

It also allows the registration of an EndNote Basic account for the management of bibliographic references.

This is the list of databases and tools included in WoK, accessible through b-on:




In addition to the citation of articles in scientific journals, this database also allows retrieving bibliographic citations made to books, patents, etc. The links established between the references enable a response to multiple objectives such as how a particular research (scientific article) is being cited and how it influences more recent research.



A multidisciplinary database that presents statistical data on the relative importance of journals in the field of their respective thematic categories. Based on the "Impact Factor" can be obtained varied information, in addition to identifying the journals with more impact for each specialty.



It includes several "sub-bases" of different scientific areas that group sets of magazines selected for each theme. It uses terminology of the authors themselves and provides addresses (electronic and not only) for their contact. Allows you to search and view TOC (Table of Contents) = summary of journals and abstracts = summary articles, among other characteristics.



If you are outside of NMS|FCM, you must install the VPN, to access remotely. To learn more, click here


If you need help, contact the Library (Bibliometric Services).