Integrated Master Degree in Medicine

NOVA is the portuguese word for new.

The old faculty building, outstanding by its magnificent architecture, now sits next to the new library building and the modern laboratories. The old and the new merged to give birth to a modern campus.

The medical course curriculum in NOVA has been recently modified to harbour modern teaching strategies to young medical students. The course has a high incidence on the approach to the practical aspects of medicine, starting at early stages in the course and supported by several hospitals concurring to bed side learning; on average, the tutor to student ratio is about 1:3.

The faculty sits on one of Lisbon's major hills overlooking the castle. According to our students, the cosiness of the atmosphere in the faculty matches the cosiness of the city.

NOVA has a modern curriculum rooted in a tradition that continuously seeks for better teaching methods. The old and the modern features now blend harmoniously in NOVA Medical School.